Welcome to Cluster 2, 
School of Engineering, Hiroshima University

Cluster 2, School of Engineering, is located on the Higashi-Hiroshima campus of Hiroshima University, covering an area of approximately 2.5 million square meters (about 50 times the size of Mazda Stadium). Students can study in an environment that is in harmony with nature, with mountains, farms, and ponds, as well as libraries, experimental and research facilities, and cultural and sports facilities. The student dormitories (Ikenoue Student Dormitory) offer private rooms to respect individual life. Meanwhile, each floor houses 10 to 20 students, making it also a place for group life.

Career Path

About 90% of graduates of Cluster 2 go on to graduate school (master’s degree course). Our graduates work in a wide variety of industries, including electrical, electronic, and semiconductor-related, mechanical, and information-related industries. There are more than 500 job offers for about 100 students who wish to be employed. This means that each student receives more than five job offers, and the employment rate for students who wish to work is almost 100%.

Career paths after completing bachelor’s degree (Academic year 2022)

Career paths after completing master’s degree (Academic year 2022)

Main Types of Jobs

Metals, Materials
Machinery, Plant, Automobile, Shipbuilding
Electricity, Electronics, Semiconductors, Devices
Information, Systems, Software, Solutions, Security
京セラドキュメント/両備システムズ/Faber Company/NTTデータグローバル・サービス/東芝インフラシステムズ/BIPROGY/NTTデータ/NTTデータMSE/Sansan/エヌ・ティ・ティ・コムウェア/パナソニックコネクト/フューチャー/三菱電機/ヤマトシステム開発
Chemicals, Textiles
Buildings, Roads, Equipment
Communication, Printing, Media
Other industries
Go on to higher education

Going into garaduate school

Many students who graduate from the second class go on to the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Quantum Matter Program, Electrical, Systems, and Control Engineering Program, or Smart Innovation Program to further enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills through advanced and interdisciplinary research. Each program has the following goals in terms of education.

Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

Electrical, Systems, and Control Engineering Program, Smart Innovation Program
These programs conduct education and research to solve increasingly complex system problems and provide education to develop human resources with the skills to analyze, design, control, and operate real systems.

Quantum Matter Program
This program aim to nurture advanced researchers and engineers in the field of materials science by conducting education and research on the fundamentals of quantum physics and applications of quantum behavior of materials, considering materials as a field of manifestation of quantum phenomena. In addition, this program conducts world-leading research on nanodevices, nanotechnology, device modeling, and circuit and architecture design, which are fundamental technologies for the information society.

Certifications Available

  • Licenses
  • Certifications
Licenses Available Notes
High School Class 1 Teacher’s Licenses (Engineering) Students who complete the designated courses will be eligible to obtain the certificate after graduation.
Certifications Available Notes
Electric Works Specialist “Students can obtain the certificate after completing the designated courses and graduating, depending on their years of work experience.
→ Examination Center for Electrical Engineers

Alumni & Student Voices

Shunya Fukuda

Shunya Fukuda

Biological Systems Laboratory

In Cluster 2, students can learn about electricity and electronics. In the Program of Electrical, Systems, and Information Engineering, students learn a wide range of technologies closely related to our daily lives, including electric circuits, AI, and machine learning, which we hear about more and more often. After acquiring a wide range of knowledge in the classes, students can proceed to laboratories in the field of their interest to further deepen their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. Some students present their research achievements at domestic and international conferences and publish papers in academic journals, contributing to the advancement of technology.

I am currently studying biological systems. My project is difficult, and I often stumble, but with the support of my professors and seniors in the laboratory, I have improved my expertise, ability to solve problems, and ability to communicate in an easy-to-understand manner. I would like to continue to acquire knowledge and abilities that will be useful in society through various experiences!

Ami Mukuki

Ami Mukuki

Quantum Optics Laboratory



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